Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

9:00 AM

-J. R. R. Tolkien

So sometimes I feel this crazy intense need to get out and travel. If I had big enough lady balls I'd sell my car, everything I owned, buy a one way ticket to Europe and get out of Dodge, or L.A rather. I haven't because family (ugh!) but if I had no family (and I'd go crazy with grief and would drown in the Sea of I-give-zero-fucks) I'd totally do it. I'm told this is called Wanderlust, but I feel like that word is way over used. I'm going to call it Travelust and you're going to like that word. ;) I like creating vision boards, so here is my travel vision board.

I like to think that I'd just pack a backpack full of stuff and go to Europe. I love architecture and history and they have it in spades. I'd go from country to country, traveling by every method possible and send everyone "back home" post cards. I think getting a postcard from Rome or Barcelona isn't something people get very often so that would be a treat. Like I'm sending a part of my trip home with me.

I'd want to take a road trip through Paris. Ride a Double Decker bus in London. Visit the Great Britain Library. Drink a pint in every major city in Ireland. There is a restaurant in Northern Ireland that has no prices for the food, it is pay what you can or work it off and I've always wanted to visit it. I want to outrun bulls in Pamplona. I want to toss a coin in the fountain in front of St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome. I want to swim around Santorini. I want to visit the Parthenon in Athens. I want to visit Lithuania and wonder if my grandpa's parents had ever been where I was, taken the same paths or walked by the same buildings. I want to float down the river drinking beer with the locals in Finland. I want to visit Copenhagen and get as many phone numbers from guys named Hans as possible! Silly stuff really, but it would been the world to me.

Where would you go if you could travel with no expense spared?

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