The Madonna Tree on Sierra Highway

I had a moderately successful blog before called Sara Ivy (or SaraIvy.Org as I always wrote it). It's pretty much defunct now and the URL re-routes here. But I wanted to pull some of the blog posts from that blog and recycle them here (they will also be under the Recycled label). They are some of my favorite and some of my most viewed posts and this was one of them.

I'm not very religious. So whenever someone says there is a picture of Jesus charred into their toast or someone experienced stigmata I kind of scoff. Last week was no different. My grandma is very Catholic, so whenever something happens like the Pope stepping down or someone see's the Virgin Mary in their wine glass she starts preaching.  Usually I tune her out but this time I decided to listen.

She was intrigued by this tree that we have near us that is known as The Madonna Tree. About 5 miles from where I live on Sierra Highway in Santa Clarita is a sycamore tree was partially burned during one of Southern California's notorious wildfires. Supposedly in the half charred part of the tree some people can see Madonna. No I'm not talking the pop star. I am talking about the Virgin Mary A.K.A Jesus Mama. Not one to pass up a photo opportunity I tagged along to go see this spectacular tree.

Am I the only one who thinks it is insensitive to BURN candles around a tree that was once on fire.

I think that is supposed to say "our" but it looks like "out" so God, forgive their penmanship and spelling too.

This branch was above my head. It looks like leopard print but even after 5 or 6 years the tree has barely healed.

My Grams admiring the tree

"I can't believe that it is still there." My grams on the dollar bill zip-tied to the tree.

There are so many rosary's on this tree that it looks like it could open a shop soon.

People have left statuary and pictures and other things at the tree.

There are tons of weird cables and chains on various parts of the tree. Almost like someone tried to secure something to it.

Grams walking the dog by the tree.

My mom being a weirdo and a trash can because apparently people like to hang out and drink at the Madonna Tree.

A lot of people believe in this and others think it's just hokum. I didn't see anything but a half burned tree and a desecration of nature that rivals a highway rest stop bathroom stall. But there are tons of people who visit it and they spent a lot of time and made an effort to make this tree look like it does. That tells me that they had to have seen something and just because I don't see it doesn't mean that it isn't real. Who am I to squash someone's beliefs? If you're in the Santa Clarita area definitely check it out. It is rather interesting to look at.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Nothing changed about this post. My original post date for this was in 2013. I've since been by the tree and can confirm that most of the decorations and such are gone. That leads me to believe that either people have forgotten about it or people have removed all the things from it by dishonesty or park rangers. Either way, glad I got these photo's when I did.
Are you religious at all?

Can you see anything in the burned area?

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