Rock Sculptures In Los Angeles

Sometimes things just pop out at you while you're driving and you've got to get out and take a picture. Take for example, this mini-Stonehenge found in a suburb outside Los Angeles.

Apparently, these are set up by a local in Tujunga, California (a tiny town, with beautiful hiking trails just outside of Los Angeles on the 210 freeway). No one knows who the local is exactly, just that they wake up one morning and the stones are rearranged.

I love these little desert snowmen! I'll have you know that getting out on the side of the road, trampling through broken glass and picking out tons of those briar thorns or hitchhikers was awful but well worth the effort. Those rocks are pretty big, I'll assume heavy as well, so whoever this local is, they are super strong to be able to lift and manipulate those rocks as well as getting them to stay because it is windy in those canyons.

What do you think of these rock sculptures?


  1. Whoever that local is, s/he's so imaginative! Love that second to the last photo in a seesaw! :)

  2. I want to know how they got the rocks to stay perfectly balanced. I inspected them, but didn't touch them, because who wants to be the jerk that knocks them over? Not me. So I have no clue if there were any metal bars connecting them to the bigger rocks or to each other or how they stay attached to the wood.


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