What Kind Of Traveler Are You?

6:00 AM

I found a neat quiz to take that lets you discover what kind of traveler you are based on selections of what you like to see, eat/drink, where you like to stay ect.

Originally, you would win a contest by taking this however the contest has ended. It is still kind of fun to see what it says about you. If you click the link below it will take you to the interactive quiz.


You answer ten questions and it will give you a snippet of information on the type of traveler you are.

If you're curious, I got "Double Act Duo." Extremely amused that Florida is one of my top destinations since I used to live there! I could see myself in Rio although Dubai has never been a place I've been interested in seeing. Someone give me some links to blogs where people have traveled to Dubai, I may change my mind.

Have you ever taken a travel quiz before? 
 What kind of traveler are you?

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