Grapevine Lake, Texas

The other day I had an intense desire to "get out." I just wanted to get out and go do something and just.... not. be. here. As in not be at home. I also, in times of inner turmoil, love to be near water. When I lived in Florida the ocean was just a short drive away. When I moved to California, the ocean was a little bit further away but still definitely worth the drive. The beach wasn't as clean, the water not as clear but the ocean was still the ocean and it was still powerful and beautiful and dangerous.
I searched for "lakes in North Texas" and upon finding a Google review that said "great place to jog, watch for snakes," thought that "Unicorn Lake" seemed like the perfect fit.

It was not.

In fact, Unicorn Lake, was a road, not an actual place and was built more like a subdivision with apartment homes and a few businesses. It was not a lake. It didn't even look like a good place to jog. Thanks a lot Google!

I found myself driving towards Grapevine Lake, which I already knew of but wanted to go adventuring! I did not want to just go to the known. But I ended up there anyways because I was twice as frustrated and angry that I "wasted" gas.

Grapevine Lake has a lot of little fishing huts parked all along its shores. Plenty of people go boating and fishing and it is nothing too particularly spectacular to look at. The above photograph is the main reason I despise fishing. "We throw them back and no harm comes of it." HOGWASH!

I picked up more than one friend at the lake however. Below are two little birds who upon noticing m, went a little crazy with the jealousy.

So I'm walking around this fishing hole trying to get pictures of the birds diving into the water for fish. I couldn't get close enough with the boathouses all saying "Private Property." The one or two people who were there, most likely fishing in those boat houses, didn't seem friendly enough and I wasn't willing to bug them to take pictures. So I kept walking around, trying to get closer and closer when I realized that someone was trying to get my attention.

I saw Frank's friend (below) first and thought that it was him making the big stink. I snapped a picture of him. Well, this threw Frank into a fit of rage.

I named this one Frank
I named this one Milton

This one is Milton. You know, less of a show boat. He just sat there on his little perch, basically telling Frank to get over himself. But Frank, good god man, he was making some seriously pissed off bird sounds. Like how dare I not know it was him trying to get my attention and then how dare I take a picture of Milton first. Because after I snapped the first picture Frank sounded like a pissed off version of Scuttle from the Little Mermaid. So because it is me and I have no shame, I literally just looked at Frank and said to him, "Frank, what is your damage?" Then he made a few happy chirps and I said to Milton, "How do you put up with him?" He made a weird response that I didn't understand because I don't speak Texas Black Bird, but I'm pretty sure it was like "he follows me. I can't shake him."

I told them both I was going to try and get some more pictures of the ducks and then I was leaving. When I came back around to see if they were still hanging out, they were gone. I don't even really like birds all that much. My mother has loved them and so I've always had birds as pets in the house, but they just aren't my favorite. I'm more into cats or dogs or even lizards. But even though the lake didn't do it's job (or did it?) I thoroughly enjoyed the slightly weird interaction with these two birds. And yeah I'm aware, I am the one who made it weird.

Ducks on the peaceful and serene Grapevine Lake. I came here in search of solace, but instead had an epiphany that equally helped my mind. Sometimes you just have to adventure to find yourself.

Where do you go or what do you do to find peace?
How do you relax?

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