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Advertising on a blog is a great way to get your business noticed! I'm pleased to be able to offer sponsorship through my blog. All profit from ad sales will be directly cycled back into the website. As the website grows so do the possibilities!

Disclosure Statement: This blog, The Wandering Thistle, is a for profit blog. I only accept sponsors and promote businesses that I believe in. Items that have been sent free-of-charge or from a sponsor are marked with "c/o," which stands for "courtesy of" and then the company / person's name. Press Trips will be designated as such at the beginning and end of each post.

Ads: If you are interested in purchasing an ad, please send an e-mail to the address below, with the subject line "Advertising." It must include a URL to your hosted image and the link you would like it directed to before you purchase your ad. The advertising rates and sizes may be subject to change as my readership continues to grow on a monthly basis. All billing is processed through Paypal to protect you as well as myself and will be in United States Dollars (USD).  An advertising month is considered 30 days from purchase/approval. You will receive a Paypal invoice to the e-mail used on the contact form. Once your payment has been processed you will receive an e-mail with the start and expiration date of your ad.

Name: Premier Ad
Dimensions: 300 x 200
Number Available: 1 shown at a time
Next Available Date: Now 

Price: $10 

Information: Only one will be available per month! The large ad is the prime ad on the blog, always in the very top right side of the blog and always the first to be seen. With the purchase of this ad, a promotional tweet and facebook post are made weekly throughout the duration of your advertising time.

Name: Regular Ad
Dimensions: 300 x 100
Number Available:  5 shown at a time
Next Available Date: Now 

Price: $5 

Information: There is a maximum of five ads shown at one time and they are posted in the order purchased. Being placed directly below the Large Ad, of which only one is sold per month your ad will be placed near the top and visible with the latest posts. With the purchase of this ad, one promotional tweet and one facebook post will made during your advertising timehowever you may opt to add additional promotion for an additional price. See below for more details.

Social Media Promotions: You may choose to purchase social media posts to either Twitter or Facebook in addition to the ones already provided for you with your advertisement. Each additional Tweet is $1 with a max of 3 per day. Each additional Facebook post is $2 for up to 100 words, with a max of 3 per day. This is to prevent my social media from being flooded with nothing but sponsored posts.

Giveaways: Giveaways are an excellent way to gain followers and readers through blog promotion. Please write "Giveaway"  in the subject section of your e-mail.

Reviews: If you are a hotel, travel agency, brand, airline or other travel industry professional and would be interested in sending me on a press trip or to do a review please write  "Review" in the subject section of your e-mail.

As owner of The Wandering Thistle, I reserve the right to end a sponsorship without refund if the sponsor's conduct is unbecoming, unethical and/or their website does not fit with my blog style. By purchasing an ad on my website you agree to these terms.


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